Why contemporary fireplaces are the new trend for 2016

Thinking about buying a new fireplace? Overwhelmed by the choice? It’s not easy; do you go classic, ultra modern, gas, electric, vintage? It’s a nice problem to have, but we think we can probably help you make that decision.

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Contemporary fireplaces have rocketed in popularity recently and are regarded by many to be the new trend for 2016. And that stands to reason with fireplace design regularly following that of home design trends and the ever changing face of the family living room.

Vintage and traditional fireplaces are still a great choice for many, but if you’ve decided to go modern, we’ve picked out 5 of the most compelling reasons for choosing a contemporary fireplace over the alternatives.

So, before you head to the showroom, grab a pen and paper and make note of the top 5 reasons contemporary fireplaces have become the new trend for 2016 when it comes to heating the home.

They push design boundaries

We’d all like our homes to make a statement yet to feel warm and comforting when we fancy a cosy night in. Nothing can do this quite like a contemporary fireplace. New designs arrive all the time and they always manage to push boundaries while retaining what makes a fireplace special and functional.

Inspired by European design

Contemporary fireplaces take their design cues from popular European trends, hence the prevalence of materials like black onyx and the introduction of panoramic viewing angles. They are therefore striking, ultra-modern and elicit an air of class and sophistication.


If you’re tight on space, contemporary fireplaces do you a big favour. Due to their sleek, non-obtrusive design, they can be placed virtually anywhere and, when hung from the wall, take up minimal space whilst still providing an impressive heat output.

Simple installation and no mess

Traditional and vintage fireplaces are works of art and offer a certain timelessness to the rooms in which they’re placed, but they usually require significant work to be undertaken during installation and create a fair bit of mess after use. Contemporary fireplaces, on the other hand, don’t. They’re relatively simple to install and leave no trace (apart from lasting warmth) once they’re done heating your room.

They breathe new life into gas

Think gas is a one-trick pony? Think again. Contemporary fireplaces use gas in creative ways to present beautiful, mesmerising flame effects such as linear flames that flicker in unison.


They key takeaway above is that contemporary fireplaces offer the exact same benefits as their traditional counterparts but pack in far more design choice, safety and efficiency. The choice is obvious, in our book – if you’re looking for a fireplace in 2016, go contemporary!