What to consider before getting a gas fireplace

Purchasing a gas fireplace isn’t something we do regularly, and while the promise of warm nights in front of a low-maintenance fire and the ambiance created by such a device may be tempting, there are a number of things to consider before taking the plunge.

When chosen carefully and installed professionally, gas fireplaces are a brilliant addition to any room. They require minimal cleaning, there’s no need to buy fuel and advances in heating technology means they are more efficient than ever.

So, without further ado, here are the key things to consider before buying a gas fireplace.

Fireplace flames

Set yourself a budget

Gas fireplaces come in a huge array of shapes and sizes and, before dazzling yourself with the options, it makes sense to set a budget, and stick to it. If you’re on a tighter budget, you’ll be amazed at just how affordable a lot of fireplaces are, and if you’ve got a little more to spend, you’ll be able to add a breathtaking centrepiece to any room.

Vented or vent-free?

All gas fireplaces need to expel the by-products they create when heating your home. A vented gas fireplace is the most sensible and safest choice, as it will have a sealed combustion system that draws outside air for the fire while expelling carbon monoxide, moisture and nitrogen dioxide outside the house.

Consider your heating requirements

The brilliant thing about gas fireplaces is that they enable you to ‘zone heat’ your home. By only heating the rooms you use the most (for example, the lounge), the introduction of a gas fireplace should help you reduce your energy costs by giving you fine control over the heat.

The heat output of gas fires is measured in kilowatts (kW) and in domestic use, 3-5kW is the norm. Pick the right output based on the size of the room.

Think style

Fireplaces aren’t one-trick ponies; they combine function with style. Happily, the sky is your limit when it comes to fireplace design, so spend time considering the way in which you’d like yours to fit into your overall room decor. Do you want it to stand out or sink effortlessly into the overall room decor?


Fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes and, as a result, can be installed in a number of configurations. The most popular are:

  • Wall mounted: placed directly onto the wall, at any height
  • Inset: built directly into the wall
  • Outset: usually attached to the wall, but can also be free-standing

Pick the configuration above which is most suitable for your room.

Type of control

Historically, gas fireplaces were supplied with manual controls on the unit itself and, while these are still available, advancements in technology have enabled remote control-operated fireplaces to enter the market. You’ll pay a little more for the latter, but they offer brilliant convenience when you’ve snuggled up on the couch for the evening.

Factor in the installation costs

Gas fireplaces must be installed by a professional, so make sure you factor in the cost of installation when budgeting.


Whether you’re looking to retain the traditional look of your living room, inject some modernity or simply want to reduce your heating bills, the sheer range of gas fireplaces on the market means the right one is waiting to be found. Use the guide above to ensure you pick a fireplace which will last for years to come.

Image credits: https://pixabay.com/en/flames-orange-fire-hot-burn-warm-13846/