Beaumont Solid Fuel Stove
Beaumont Solid Fuel Stove

The Beaumont

Product Description

The Beaumont wood burning stove, as the name suggests, is a classy stove for an elegant design scheme. There is an air of sophistication surrounding every aspect of it’s design, from its minimalist decorative flourishes, to it’s beautiful viewing window.

The Beaumont is available in a variety of sizes. We stock six kilowatt and eight kilowatt multi-fuel stoves, alongside four kilowatt or five kilowatt wood burning stoves.

Finish options¬†–¬†

Black anthracite / White / Sage green (Beaumont 6 only)




Additional Information

Series 4 // Series 5 // Series 6 // Series 8

456mm (w) x 552mm (h) x 305mm (d) // 535mm (w) x 552mm (h) x 307mm (d) // 522mm (w) x 704mm (h) x 395mm (d) // 642mm (w) x 704mm (h) x 395mm


3-6kW // 4-6kW // 5-9kW // 6-10.5kW


83.9% // 84.5% // 84.6% // 78.7%

Flue Output (top Or Rear)

127 mm (5″) // 127 mm (5″) // 150 mm (6″) // 150 mm (6″)