Office Fireplaces

Fireplaces in the home are a norm now, especially with new fireplace technology opening up the potential for every room in the house to have it’s own. But very little thought is ever paid to anything outside of the home. A wood burning stove in your man cave shed maybe, but nothing beyond that.

Well today, we are going to look into the possibility of a new area where you might consider placing a fireplace – your work office. Obviously, there are positives and negatives, and we’ll explore both in this article.

Oval Office fireplace

If it is good enough for the oval office . . .

Positive – Unique

There is no getting around it – though the combination has been possible for years, offices just don’t have fireplaces in them, leaving the door open for your company to be something of a trend setter.

It can be a great way to imprint yourself in the mind of potential customers as well. They are unlikely to forget “the guys that had the fireplace on the wall”. Anything you can do to separate yourselves, even something as trivial as this, can make a big difference.

Negative – Permission

Oh course, unless you are the boss or working for yourself, you won’t be in charge of such a big piece of interior decor. Bringing in a photo for your desk is one thing, but you are unlikely to get away with hanging a new wall hung fireplace on the wall.

Therefore, you need to ask permission, and in today’s corporate world, that can take a while. You may just need the permission of one person. But just as likely, three people from across the hierarchy need to sign off on it, and a fire safety assessment has to be carried out. It may not be worth it if this is the case.

Positive – Allows for isolated heating

Heat MachineIf you work in a large office block, sorting out a room temperature that suits everyone can be difficult. An office that sits in sunlight all day may never need the central heating, but one sat in shade all day will do. Should they want the central heating on, it may cause unnecessary friction.

A fireplace allows for more isolated heating on a room to room basis. Now, the office in shade can elect to turn their fireplace on and get up to a comfortable temperature without roasting everyone else in the building.

Negative – Set-up

A lot of modern office space is built inside renovated homes. Therefore, it is a little less uncommon they you may have thought for an office block to have a chimney. If you are lucky enough to have one, all manner of options are available to you. If you don’t, that changes things.

At this point, you will basically be limited to electric fireplaces, wall hung or floor standing. Not that this is a bad choice, but it does narrow your choices down, which can make it tricky finding something to suit your offices’ aesthetic.