Living room design trends for 2016

We all spend a great deal of time in our living rooms. Usually the most common space in which we entertain guests and relax, it also acts as an office for many, a playroom for the kids and a dining room for those who prefer to eat their dinner in front of the TV.

This all begs an important question: what will the living room of 2016 look like?

We’ve done some digging and have discovered some rather exciting living room design trends heading your way this year.


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Multiple textures

Gone are the days of brutal simplicity, it seems, for in 2016 we’re likely to see living rooms which feature multiple textures layered to build up complex, eclectic spaces which still retain that all important level of comfort. The mixture of fabrics, wood, wicker, skins and even knitting will excite our sense of touch and impress everyone, visually.


Focal point floors

As Joey once pointed out in hit comedy Friends (“What do you point all your furniture at?”) the focal point of most living rooms is the TV. However, that oblong piece of tech is likely to become less obtrusive this year with other elements of the living room taking centre stage – namely, the floor! Bold colours, industrial styling and complex patterns will make floors the unlikely stars of the 2016 living room.


Dramatic decor

If you’ve decided to repaint your living room this year and feel like reaching for the magnolia – stop. The trend for 2016 is going to be dark, moody colours such as dark blue, black, teal and purple. And it makes sense – these colours will accentuate the feeling of comfort for a room in which you’ll regularly cozy up in front of the fireplace to chill out and unwind.


Statements everywhere

We’ve long hailed the fireplace as an ideal statement for virtually any room, and that’s likely to continue, albeit with some rather unusual companions. The living room of 2016 will be all able statement fixtures. Large, intricate mirrors, hanging lamps, chandeliers and wall art will start to make their presences felt in living rooms throughout the world. Suddenly, the items which once looked out of place will become bold statements of design.



The most precious of metals will return to fame in living rooms this year. Admired tech designers at Apple decided to bring hues of gold to their iPhone and MacBook line up and it seems interior designers will start to take similar cues with furniture and fixtures. Expect to see it put to significant use.


Smart lighting

The humble lamp is going to look rather out of place this year with automated ‘intelligent’ lighting expected to make its way further into our homes. Products such as the Philips Hue enable users to choose varying shades of light to match their mood, all controlled via their smartphone. And integration with voice control systems such as Siri will make the Star Trek-like ability to walk into your living room and say ‘Lights!’ a reality, finally.