How to choose your perfect fireplace

Choosing the right fireplace for your home is a little bit like finding the right wallpaper for your bedroom’s accent wall, or picking the correct spot for the TV mounting bracket; it mixes interior design with function and, as a result, is susceptible to poor decision making.

In this post, I’ve got some useful tips on choosing the right fireplace. You’ll be glad to hear that, when broken down, it’s a relatively easy (and enjoyable) process.

Decide what the fireplace is for

Sound odd? It’s for heating the room, right? Not necessarily. Trace fireplaces back to their roots, and they indeed served one sole purpose, which was to keep people warm. Now, they can be statements, included for entirely aesthetic reasons or charged with increasing heat efficiency. What do you want yours to do?

For example, the Aspiration fireplace may look perfect in your dining room, but the inset Atlanta may work better due to the more space it affords.

Don’t attempt to heat more than one room

If you intend to buy a fireplace to heat both your lounge and dining room, think twice. The likelihood is you’ll end up pushing the fireplace to its limits in order to adequately cover all of that square footage and, as a result, increase your heating bills.

Most fireplaces – like the Ador – output up to 2000w. That’s hot, but it’s very much designed for one room!

Consider ‘intelligent’ fireplaces

A common mistake when installing a fireplace is to choose one which requires manual temperature regulation. Invariably, you’ll get fed up with continually tweaking the temperature, so look for fireplaces which are thermostat-controlled or self-modulated. Fireplaces such as the Ayston also come complete with remote controls for ultimate convenience.

Don’t forget the trim

There’s more to a fireplace than the heating element. Consider the type of trim you require and make sure it fits in nicely with the room’s decor.

This is particular important when choosing an inset fireplace like the Aura Landscape.

Gas or electric?

This can often be a pretty simple choice. Gas fireplaces provide radiant heat and attractive flames without the need for wood. Installation is usually more involved, however, due to the requirement of a gas supply. Electric fireplaces are generally ready ‘out of the box’ and can therefore be installed by approved technicians with little disruption to the rest of the room.

Don’t forget the wood-burning option

If you’re put off by a gas fireplace, a wood burning stove will almost definitely be a non starter, but it could be just the thing if you’re feeling adventurous and have longed for the sound of real wood cracking and burning as you settle in for a night in front of the TV.


Fireplaces should provide your family and friends with an inviting, comfortable space in which everyone can gather and relax. They should also help make the room they inhabit beautiful, accentuating your chosen decor. Follow the tips above and you’ll find that perfect fireplace.