How to bring summer into your living room

Everybody loves the summer, who wouldn’t! Barbecues outside, pool parties, picnics in the park, everything about summer screams fun so it isn’t surprising that we embrace summer as soon as we recognise it is coming. We do this by updating our wardrobes, taking out all those heavy winter coats and waterproof boots and replacing them with sandals, summer hats and teeny tiny clothing that you can barely fold. However, some people are taking embracing the summertime to the next level, by doing to their living room as they do to their wardrobe, giving it a full summer makeover.


The décor in your home really sets the mood and tone of your house. In the winter when it is cold out there’s nothing better than coming home to enjoy your blankets, shabby rugs and nice thick curtains that keep the heat in and the snow and ice out. In the summer, however, coming home to this isn’t as appealing, so why not make your home more appealing to you in the summer months by updating its look. To help you to bring summer into your home, here are some tips and ideas.

1. Re-materialise: Look at the materials in your room, winter materials are heavier and thicker, they are designed to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Your curtains for example, might be winter curtains and perfect for keeping you warm, but in the summer you want to feel cool and bring the outside in. So remove these curtains and replace them with light blinds, that you can open to let sunlight in or close for some privacy.

2. Re-decorate: you can go as crazy as you want here, if you feel in the mood to redecorate the entire room then do it. If you don’t have the time or money for this, make small décor changes. For example, you could add a feature wall by buying a removable wall sticker, something like a flowery pattern or design would be perfect. These are relatively cheap to buy, easy to apply and easy to remove and replace (and keep to use again next summer). If you do redecorate consider your colour scheme, in the summer time we want to see light and bright colours, white, yellows, red, oranges, purples, pinks, so be sure to inject your room with fun colours.

3. Re-accessorise: look at the accessories you have around your home and on your fireplace and remove anything that is wintery looking and definitely anything Christmassy. Replace these with things like plants and flowers, candles, potpourri, crystals that catch the light and reflect the full spectrum of colours and anything else you look at which screams summertime to you.

4. Additions: Extra mirrors to reflect natural light around your home, brightly coloured or patterned cushions, potted plants and flowers. All of these are fantastic additions you can make to bring summer into your home and most of these things you will either have, can buy second hand or can pick up relatively cheaply.


5. Furniture: Look at the furniture in your home. Dark, large and clunky furniture is perfect for winter, but it doesn’t help you to bring the summer feel into your home. Lighter woods and thinner designed furniture on the other hand works perfectly in the summertime. If you don’t have the money to buy new furniture you can get some second hand furniture and give it some TLC, alternatively you can do-up some of your existing furniture by sanding it down, re-painting/staining it and replacing things like handles.

Bringing summer into your house doesn’t have to break the bank or take too much time, you can do as much or as little as you like. Even the smallest changes of taking away the wintery fabrics and items will make the room feel more like summer. Just keep in mind all the things that you think about when you think summer, such as flowers, sunlight and bright colours and reflect this into the décor of your living room.