Colour Scheme Inspiration for Your House

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There is an ancient, Chinese proverb which suggests that even when you are 90% of the way along a chosen path, you remain only half-way to your final destination. This is particularly true in the world of interior design, where finishing rooms and home improvement projects is often the most challenging aspect.

In this blog post, we will offer some relevant, colour scheme inspiration for your house. So, let’s get started

Tailor Colour Choice to Suit the Space

The first thing to remember is that not all colours have been made equal, so it is important to tailor your approach depending on the size, shape and purpose of each individual room.


In the living room, for example, modern trends dictate that you can use bold and bright shades to infuse personality into the space. Traditionally, natural, light tones are a popular choice for smaller rooms such as bathrooms as they create the illusion of space and light. This trend is however changing (at least for now) and we can see dark colour schemes becoming a trendy choice for bathrooms.Luxury interior design, bathroom

Additionally, you should also consider the psychological impact that colours have within the human mind. Colours such as red and orange are innately passionate shades, for example, which prompt feelings such as energy, excitement and anticipation. In contrast, pastel shades like pale blue are immensely calming, and ideally used in relaxing spaces like the bedroom.


Consider Integrating the Colour of the Year

Every year, colour company Pantone introduces a so-called ‘shade of the year’, which is usually a trendy and contemporary tone which can serve as genuine inspiration for your own d├ęcor.


This years’ winner was a zesty shade of green, which is commonly seen in foliage. Referred to as Greenery, it captures the human need to explore, experiment and reinvent, while it also epitomises the popular design trend for bringing the outside in.

By selecting Greenery and using it as the starting point for your colour scheme, you can create a relevant and modern interior space that appeals to residents and potential buyers alike.

Use Coloured Fixtures to Create a Fluid Interior Space

On a final note, you may be inclined to adopt a largely neutral colour scheme throughout your interior. If you use white, off-white or cream to colour your walls, you can then introduce colours through impermanent fixtures, fittings and furnishings which bring the space to life. You will find plenty of resources online on how to match colurs your furniture with your walls, like this one one on matching your sofa to your walls.


This offers numerous benefits, with the main one being that you can create a fluid and flexible space that evolves over time. Blocks of neutral colour also create a blank canvas upon which you can refine your use of colour, as you look to apply bold and neutral tones to various degrees (depending on each individual space).

Over time, this makes it cheaper to adapt your interior colour scheme, while it also presents a neutral proposition for potential buyers in the future.With these points in mind, you can create a relevant, modern and colour scheme that suits your individual homes. This process can also be immensely fun, particularly if you have an eye for design and the application of colour.