Christmas 2015 Trendy Fireplace Decorations

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Planning a trip to the attic to drag out the same old tired Christmas decorations? Our advice is simple – stop!

For not a lot of money, you could revamp your entire arsenal of decorations for your entire home, and make them on point with what is trending in the Christmas decor world in 2015. There are plenty of cool designs for any room in your home, which are lightyears ahead of the same tinsel you’ve had since the 90s. We’ve scoured the internet to find what is trending this year, and although we are speaking specifically about fireplaces, these trends are universal.

Little DIY trees

White treeA massive trend this year sees the traditional green tree, in both real and artificial forms, out on its ear. Instead, artificial trees in a multitude of colours, including whites, reds and blues, are the tree of choice. Also making waves are DIY trees formed from such things a books and branches. It certainly is the year for “alternatives”.

So why not ditch the singing Santa for something much more modern? Placing two small DIY trees either side of your fireplace can really give it some character. Just be careful you don’t leave them close enough to the fireplace that they become a fire hazard. Better still, why not make them out of fire resistant materials?


Frosted glass2015 was all about the idea of bringing the outside world into your home in the wider field of home decor. So naturally, that means Christmas 2015 ideas play heavily on the idea too. Liberal helpings of artificial snow and festive dioramas are in order.

When it comes to the fireplace, there are plenty of ideas to explore. Bare branches entwined with fairy lights are a big feature in almost every Christmas decor report we saw, so you could look into the possibility of framing your mantelpiece with them (again, take precautions against fire hazards).


ReindeerWith the “outdoors”-y feel comes a similar trend towards depicting animals. Several arctic animals are popular this year, including polar bears, puffins, penguins and narwhals.

But the real winner of Christmas 2015 in general is the reindeer. Ruling over even Santa this year, reindeer are the hottest item you could put in your home. Luckily, animal depictions can suit any budget, ranging from small paper cut outs to full blown Christmas card esque dioramas on top of the mantelpiece with a herd of Rudolph and Co..


White is the only colour you need for Christmas 2015. We’re not kidding – most fashion guides aren’t even suggesting contrasting colours, instead teaming white items with even more white items. The plus side to buying these colour neutral items means that colour co-ordination isn’t a problem, and they can be reused with other colour palettes for many years into the future.