7 Reasons to Install a Gas Fireplace in your Home

There’s something satisfyingly simple about installing an electric fireplace; you mount it, plug it in, turn it on and, within seconds, you have heat. No flume, no gas connection and no danger of escaping CO2.

Likewise, the thought of having a traditional log burning stove and chopping up your own wood may fill you with a primeval sense of home ownership that’s hard to shake off.

But before you press the button on either of those options, why not give the gas option further consideration?

As it turns out, there are a huge number of reasons people continue to install gas fireplaces. They can be brilliant additions to any home and, providing they’re installed properly by an approved engineer, are just as safe and easy to implement as the electric variety.fireplace birmingham

Without further ado, here’s 7 reasons you should considering installing a gas fireplace in your home:

1. They’re less hassle
Yep, you read that right. Don’t forget, the only other option you have if you want a real flame is to opt for something like a wood burner, but that means messing around with wood and the subsequent cleaning. With gas, you turn it on, and away you go (and there’s no chimney to sweep, either).

2. They’re an investment
Although not guaranteed, gas fireplaces can sometimes improve a home’s resale value and certainly make it easier to sell when possible buyers visit. Look at it this way – you’ve done the hard work, so all the new owner has to do is turn it on and benefit from perfect heat distribution and a real flame! That’ll chime well with many house hunters.

3. They’ll have a positive effect on your energy bills
Modern gas fireplaces are extremely energy efficient. Most are operated by precise controls that let you get the heat just right and have it distributed evenly without over-warming the house and consequently causing a hefty bill to drop on your doormat each month.

4. There’s very little (if any) maintenance
Gas fireplaces, once installed, are as simple to maintain as their electric brethren. Depending on the finish, the surround will always benefit from the odd clean or polish, but the internals rarely have to be touched.

5. There’s a beautiful array of styles
If you picture gas fireplaces as chunky 90s design-influenced eye sores with fake brass and sharp edges, think again. Modern gas fireplaces come in a huge range of styles from timeless elegance to ultra-contemporary. The addition of realistic-looking logs and clever flame distribution may even cause some people to mistake yours for a real, wood burning fireplace.

6. They’re convenient
One ‘click’, and a modern gas fireplace is on. A twist of the thermostat and the heat increases or decreases. They couldn’t be simpler to operate or, consequently, more convenient.

7. They offer consistent heat
Electric fireplaces aren’t the only type that produce consistent, reliable heat – gas units do exactly the same. Being able to heat your home consistently can have a dramatic effect on your bills, as previously noted, but also means every occupant benefits from a comfortable heat source, no matter where they happen to be sitting.

Still thinking about that electric or wood burning fireplace? We hope the above reasons have given you cause to keep the gas option on your list!