5 outdoor Fireplace ideas for the summer

Whenever the weather is treating us and there is an evening without rain pouring from the sky, it’s time for outdoors. You would be surprised how nice it is to sit outside and enjoy a breeze of fresh air. Outdoor fireplaces will let you stay outside long after the sun goes down and the cold wind won’t make you dream about your sofa.Sitting on a patio or terrace is nice but when you light up a fireplace in an open area, the setting turns into a cosy and photographic scene.

summer fire

Since your garden does not have walls and furniture limiting the design choices it is the perfect place to let the designer’s imagination wonder.Patios, backyards, gardens and decks can all be wonderfully complimented or even redesigned by introducing outdoors fireplace designed to your taste. Here are our favourite ideas of modern, creative or traditional fireplaces for your garden.

1. Fireplace in pergola

When looking to redesign your garden, pergola in a combination with a fitting fireplace can become your favourite part of your home. A massive, brick, open fireplace at one end of the pergola with a set of couches underneath the climbing vines will create a placid and joyful feeling. This composition will fit perfectly in large and spacious gardens.
If your outdoor space is limited consider a variation of a semi-detached pergola. The outer wall of your house will be working as the second set of pillars while still giving the wonderful enclosed feeling of a pergola.

2. Fire pit with a lid

When you’re living in a small city flat with a six square meter backyard you’ve got to get creative. A smaller portable metallic fire pit will not take up much space. Even better if you can get one with a wooden lid for when the fire has burned out. Now it has a second function of a small table

.Fire pit

3. Built-in fire pit

Gardens with fire pits create a great entertaining space. You can either place it in the middle of your garden creating a central relaxation space or build it next to a fence to attain a private and enclosed setting. Besides the variety of rocks give you many design options.

4. Electric and gas fires

They say there is no smoke without fire. But there is almost no smoke with gas or none at all with electric fire. Don’t be fooled, gas and electric fires are not only for indoors. If you are fond of modern design you might look into installing an ultra-modern gas fire in your terrace. Warmth and looks without the mess of coals and logs.

5. Fire and water

If you are fired up to make your garden an extraordinary place how about combining the two of the most powerful natural forces – fire and water? During the hot days you could refresh in the cool water of your own pool but in the chilly evening you can snuggle up next to a roaring fire. And why not go swimming in the light of burning fire under stars?Fire pit pool

Outdoors give endless opportunities to create your personal outdoor fireplace. Get inspired by these ideas and see what would fit best in your garden. And there are so many other options. Working with a designer might help you to come up with the best designs exactly for you.